Thursday, July 10, 2014

Single Arm Fork Equatorial Mount

I started the design and fabrication of a large equatorial mount for my 12" F/4 imaging newtonian.
Some of the basics on the mount are as follows:

-Single Arm Fork Equatorial
-Fixed Latitude, designed for Tucson
-Large 4.75" R.A shaft
-11" Stainless steel friction drive with a 1" Alumina Bronze roller and 2 stage timing belt reduction
-Siderial Technology Servo II system with pittman motors
-Polar scope for R.A axis
-Quick disconnect between R.A and DEC
-R.A weights approximately 65lbs, the Declination will be approximately 60lbs
-4" Shaft on DEC 
-7.5" worm gear for DEC drive with spring loaded linear rail system for backlash removal
-Steel tripod, approximately 45lbs

If you have any further questions on the design I would be happy to answer them for you. I will be adding pictures as the mount takes shape and undergoes testing.

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